Whenever we talk about protein, two things directly strike our mind. One is milk and the other is egg. We have grown up hearing them as a complete food. That is true. Both are equally treated in our society and we enjoyed both of them equally.

As we grow up, we suddenly realize that we are lactose intolerant or having issues with egg yolk due to our sedentary and busy lifestyle. It is true. Now we have to be very careful while taking any of them.

Whey protein is a kind of protein that we get from the milk and egg white protein is what we get only by white part of the eggs.

Which Supplement should we support For Protein Intake ?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must be shouting for whey protein. But many people have started talking about the side effects of whey. As it contains a higher amount of calories, carbs and fat, it can have side effects lik extreme cramps, vomiting, bad breath, diarrhea, indigestion, and many others,  if you are lactose intolerant. In contrast, eggs contain rare lactose intolerance. So, many people started advocating egg protein over whey protein. But many brands like Ultimate Nutrition argue that they have come up with isolates that are processed in such a way that all the nutrients like carbs, fat, and vitamins get extracted and only pure protein would be left.

Egg-White Protein Trend: Friend or Foe? - Better Nutrition

Whey Protein Vs Egg Protein

If we take standard supplements like ultimate nutrition prostar and egg white protein, we can notice the difference between their nutrients.

An egg is a great source of protein. But egg white is made from just egg whites, it loses a better source of protein, fatty acids and other nutrients on the ground.

  • Whey contains higher calorie count as it is easier to add flavour, filler, fats, and sugar in the supplement. On the other hand egg white is simply pure. Egg protein is not efficient to suppress your hunger after eating like whey protein. That helps those who are looking for weight loss.
  • An egg white contains 4 grams of protein. So, in an egg protein, you will find only 25 grams of protein on one serving of 30 grams. In 30 grams of serving a standard whey protein like ultimate nutrition whey protein also contains 25 grams of protein with vitamins, amino acids, carbs, fats, and others. But if we talk about whey isolate, it consists of more than 90 % of high quality protein that is far more than egg white protein.
  • Whey protein powder price is higher than egg white protein price. You can find the cheaper whey protein in the market but these may be filled with fillers and other kinds of unnecessary substances but not protein.

We can’t just declare anyone of them as a clear winner as they both have their pros and cons. It is up to you and your fitness goals which protein suit you the most. For better fitness experience try both but one at a time until you achieve your fitness goal.