If you are among the many people who endure the pain and tingle from cold sores, then you can relate with both the unsightly facial blemishes, burning sensation, and physical discomfort that comes with it. It can be embarrassing as most sufferers try to cover up the affected areas with heavy cosmetics or hide behind a coat collar.

Cold sores or Fever blisters as addressed by many are usually caused by the herpes simplex virus I (HSV-1), which is highly contagious, as such treating the herpes simplex virus will take a dedicated focus on your part.

It may seem like cold sores always appear at the worst possible time, when no  lip balm will cover it but here are a couple of prescription medications and recommendations you can take into practice;

 Home Remedies Or Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

  – Press a warm teabag or tea tree oil to the blisters. Tea containing tannic acid acts as antiviral properties.

– ice is believed to minimize the size of the sores and reduce its pain. Put the ice in the plastic bag to avoid the mess and dab on the cold sore,

– To prevent sores recurrence, avoid situations like exposure to intense sunlight (or apply sunscreen) because exposure to the ultraviolet radiation can worsen sores; stress; lack of sleep

 Anti-Viral Medication

Antiviral drugs usually contain penciclovir which acts as a suppressant to the herpes virus; if applied during the first experiences of tingling sensation, it will prevent the virus’s ability to replicate itself and reduces the impact of caused by the cold sore outbreak


 This is the oldest cold sore treatment. Camphorated phenol is the active ingredient for herpes simplex virus type 1. It acts as a pain reliever that keeps bacterial infection out. It contains petroleum jelly to keep the scab soft, which reduces the pain of the scab cracking when you move your lips.


It contains Zinc sulfate which is readily absorbed into the sore. it does help the healing process, dries up the blisters, and helps kill the virus. It works best when used with the other anti-inflammatory pain relief products (see ibuprofen).

Lysine salves

 Also, taking regular L-Lysine supplements and doubling the dose when you experience the tingling sensation works. A variety of cold sore salves available in drug stores contain lysine. Studies by the American Academy of dermatology have shown this to be true when taken internally as it helps keep your pH normal.

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Other treatment options and over-the-counter (otc) drugs that can be used when you notice the first sign of cold sores are famciclovir, valacyclovir, Valtrex, aloe vera gel (to boost immune system), Famvir, Denavir, Zovirax, docosanol among many others will hasten healing time.

 In conclusion

You may have found this article helpful but it is important to note that proper disinfection of homes and avoiding physical contact (kissing, touching, using a toothbrush) with the herpes infection (HSV-1) sufferers is the best prevention for you.

Should you have a more serious case of genital herpes or HSV-2 be prepared to act at the first symptom. There are now ways to seek out the help of a healthcare professional without having the uncomfortable experience of visiting a doctor’s office and filling out endless paperwork. Get peace of mind and the treatment you need without the uncomfortable trips to the pharmacy for that matter

Our goal is to give you accurate information, personalized treatment with scientifically proven medication, and ongoing care to help you treat outbreaks and get back to living a healthy and uninterrupted lifestyle. Feel free to call your trusted health care physician to be sure that you don’t have any drug interaction or concerns and we hope you find this article invaluable in changing your health care routine by getting trusted advice and meds sent right to your door.