Another favorite kids card game that reminds us of summer holidays and reunions, lakadi game, can now be played online.Many Indians even play a 3-player version of this game, known as teen-do-panch or 3-2-5. Versions and rules of the game may vary slightly from one region to another; However, the core game remains the same.

lakadi game is probably one of the easiest card games, so it’s easy to know the lakadi game game skills. Thanks to easy play and simple lakadi game rules, the game attracts many card game lovers from different countries in South Asia. Let’s take a look at the basics of lakadi game before discussing how you can become a game champion.

lakadi game Break Gameplay

A strategy-based strategy game is played between four players (without teamwork) and involves five rounds. The game uses only one deck consisting of 52 cards with cards of all suit sizes ranging from 2-3-4-5-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A in low to high order. Each player is given 13 cards, and the game is played against the clock.


Spade is an eternal trumpet in the break card game, which players can use to win tricks. Once each player has 13 cards, each player takes turns bidding or dialing a strategy number for that particular round. The bid starts on the right-hand player of the dealer and is matched to the clock. Calls are a number of tactics every player does to win a cycle. Each player must make a call between 1 and 12. The aim is to make the hands equal to or greater than the number of calls made at the beginning of the game. If a player does not perform the same number of tricks, the player gets negative points for the number of points in the beginning.

Play Tricks

The player sitting on the right of the dealer starts with the first strategy and can choose to play any card on 13 cards. The other players must follow by playing the same suit card. If a player does not have the same suit card, he can play the trumpet to win the trick. The player who wins the round leads the next strategy in the next round.

Although the lakadi game game is a simple card game, you still need to learn a few tricks to master it. Simply playing a fun game will not get you anywhere. So, if you are just getting started and want to improve your lakadi game skills, here are three simple tricks that you can master very quickly.

If you are just starting out with a lakadi game, you can also refer to this beginner’s guide to the online lakadi game game.

Count Before Calling

As you know, real cash games start with each player dialing a number of rotating tricks. How do you determine the number of strategies you can use in a round? The trick here is to analyze your cards and see the simple hands before making a bid. For example, if you have two Aces, you know for sure that two Aces will be able to protect both hands. Similarly, if you have a Master of a particular suit and a few other cards of the same suit, you are in good company. Therefore, based on these statistics and predictions, you can call several strategies for that round. It is important that you dial the correct number and do not take it lightly or take it too seriously because your points depend on the number of tricks you have acquired.

Memorize the Cards

One of the most effective ways to master a call game is to memorize playing cards, which are at least important. You do not need to remember all the cards, but trumpet cards and cards are very expensive. Remembering the cards will help you to take action and win tricks. For example, if you remember that a player has played Ace of Hearts and you have a king of hearts, you can play King of Hearts if you get the chance.

Chances are you will win a trophy if you play King of Hearts. But you also need to count the number of cards played in that suit. Because if a player does not have the same suit card, he may play the trumpet card, and you will lose the trick. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the cards and play your cards with confidence.

Protect Simple Hands Quickly

It is always best to play cards that you know will win the strategy early. There may be times when even Ace plays when 3 player card games uses a trumpet in a game. So, if you have an Ace or a higher card, try using these cards in the first stages to win more tricks. Keeping good cards to the end may not be the right decision. However, you can save the Ace of Spades for later use when you want all players to lose their trumpet cards.

Another impressive strategy is to make all players lose their trumpet cards at the start of the game. But that can happen if you have an Ace of Spades, a King of Spades, or another trumpet card. Using these trumpet cards, you can make sure no other player has the remaining trumpet card, then you can play good cards and make sure no other player gets tricks by playing the trumpet card.

Final Thoughts

You will get better in the game if you play more. However, if you understand these strategies and apply them to your advantage, no one can guess you are an amateur. Using these tricks, it will polish your lakadi game game skills and lead to winning more tricks. Now that you have the secret recipe for winning the lakadi game, you can game to play online at baazi mobile gaming and feel the difference in your game strategy.