What started as a mild threat in a big Chinese city back in January, turned out to become one of the worst pandemics in the last 100 years. The Covid-19 pandemic turned out to be deadly and as serious as it can be.

Because of this, everyone on this planet must take care of them. Taking care of themselves also means taking care of the environment. At the moment, there are more than 6 million people infected in the US. Thousands of them died even though the US health system is probably one the best in the world.

The virus is deadly and aggressive. It takes a lot of precaution to be sure that you won’t get infected. Even if you do, though, you have the obligation to take care of the environment. You must pay attention to the people around you and if you are sick, you must avoid socialization and contact with anyone who’s healthy.

Since massive control is not easy to do, it’s best for authorities and people with responsibilities, such as managers and business owners, to find ways of protection. Learn the most important and obligatory ways of protection here.

The best way to do it is to install human temperature detection systems. There are different ways to do it, but the automatic system being guided by AI and temperature sensors installed in CCTV cameras are the best. Follow up if you want to know why!

1. Silence

The entire process of scanning and checking who has a higher body temperature can become a disaster if it is done manually. If people need to stop and an official person measures them, it will become a problem.

People will chat, argue, and make a situation out of the process. Instead of this way, the camera standing above or in front, will be completely quiet and do nothing but scan. No one will even know that a job is done.

It will be entirely silent and no one will be affected by the measuring. Only when someone has a higher temperature than normal, then the official person from the security team will escort the person outside the premises and call the medical team.

2. Convenience

As we just said, there’s no need of making a mess of the whole situation. Imagine if you have a couple of thousands of employees and they all need to be scanned on the way in the building of the factory, or wherever they need to enter.

If you let a person stand there and measure everyone’s temperature, it will take too much time. Having a camera system that scans everyone is so much more convenient.

On top, it is a much more affordable option. The technology is expensive and you’ll need to invest some money in getting these cameras, but you still save a lot because you’ll have to pay a person standing there the whole day and do nothing else.

The cameras need no paycheck, they don’t ask for a lunch break, there’s no need for social security payments, and the cameras won’t ask to go on a vacation.

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3. Precision

Probably the most important feature is the precision. If you have a person manually checking everyone’s temperature, then there’s a big chance of making a mistake. The cameras driven by artificial intelligence have no chance to make a mistake.

In manual measuring, a lot of things can go in the way. Hair, dirt, sweat, all of these things can give completely false information. When the CCTV scanner measures, it uses a completely different technology, and the chance to make a mistake is impossible. If you want to learn more about how it is doing the job, read more here and find out for yourself.

4. Speed

Imagine having 5000 employees who need to be at their working places at 9.00 AM sharp. They all rush to the doors in 8.55. The doors are swarmed with people and there’s no one that can handle this.

If this is done manually, a line of people will be created at the front door and people won’t be able to get at their places in time.

The cameras do this without a problem. The best scanners are capable of checking up to 2000 people per hour, which means, in the rush hour, two of these on two separate doors will do the job. No one will need to stop or be late. There will be no need for stopping, waiting, or creating lines.

5. Technology

The technology behind these systems is one of the latest there is in the world. The cameras use standard heat sensors which were used for a long time, but the new part is artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence is using state of the art programming to find, lock on, and follow the faces of the people walking in front of the camera. This way, the system manages to follow the people walking and measuring the temperature. Whoever has a higher than normal will be taken out by the security.

Until now, the AI computing was known but it was not as advanced as it is today. Together with the other technologies, such as 5G network and IoT, the AI is capable to do some amazing things for us as humanity. Preventing the spreading of the coronavirus is just one of the many things.


There’s no arguing that we must find ways to prevent the spreading. It is not an option but an obligation for all of us. It is obvious that this is one of the really effective ways. See more about temperature measuring as a technique here: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-covid-19-and-medical-devices/non-contact-temperature-assessment-devices-during-covid-19-pandemic.

It is way better than the manual way, and if we manage to install these machines everywhere around us, we can be sure that the spreading will be much easily stopped. They are working without interference, they are fast, reliable, and they are the most precise machine to tell us if someone’s sick or not.