Have you felt frustrated about your uneven skin texture and wondered if there was a way to help it improve? Thankfully, there are several straightforward ways you can begin addressing uneven texture and seeing improvements quickly! Whether your textural issues are the result of genetically dry skin, lack of exfoliation or simply a vitamin-poor diet, there are steps you can take to help your skin glow and look its best. Try these three booster methods today.

1. Book a Professional In-Office Treatment Such as Microneedling

While maintaining a regular skincare routine at home can certainly go a long way in keeping your skin as smooth as possible, professional, in-office treatments can help kick-start your regime or act as a booster to improve your complexion along the way. If you’ve never treated yourself to a professional treatment before, you may want to explore options such as rf microneedling packages to get started.

2. Start Exfoliating Properly for Your Skin Type

Sometimes, rough or uneven skin texture is simply due to a buildup of dead skin cells that needs to be exfoliated off. Exfoliating your skin at least once or twice a week is critical for getting rid of pesky buildup, but it’s important to use the right exfoliation method for your skin type in order to avoid irritating or sensitivizing your skin. As a general rule, if you already have sensitive skin, you may want to lean towards gentle chemical exfoliants rather than physical ones, for instance. If you notice redness, tone down the exfoliating for a while to let your skin barrier heal.

3. Chug Plenty of Water Every Day and Eat Water-Rich Produce

You are what you eat, so if you want smooth, clear skin, having a healthy diet is essential. If you don’t already get at least eight or more glasses of water per day, for instance, you may want to fill up a tall water bottle every morning and take drinks from it throughout the day. Additionally, you can “eat” your water by making sure to incorporate plenty of water-rich produce, such as cucumbers or watermelon, into your everyday diet.

Dealing with a skin texture that won’t seem to smoothen out and clear up can be incredibly frustrating. However, the good news is that by trying these three steps and keeping up a consistent skincare regime, you may be able to see noticeable improvement over time. Make sure you drink enough water and eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, exfoliate properly for your skin type and consider booking a professional treatment today.