Things That Determine Invisalign Costs in Nz

Invisalign treatment is the most popular alignment to traditional braces for straightening teeth and addressing certain other orthodontic problems more discreetly. They are made from transparent plastic and are virtually invisible in the mouth. The Invisalign trays are removable, and hence, you can take them off when you need to eat and brush your teeth. This makes them more convenient and less prone to irritation. So, Invisalign is the most opted treatment for teeth straightening in New Zealand.

Considering these things, the first question that might come to your mind is,How much does Invisalign cost in NZThe cost of Invisalign treatment in New Zealand ranges from $6000 to $9000. This price depends on various things. But some of the top dental care centers offer discounts on their standard Invisalign prices, and that discount can be up to a thousand dollars. Besides, they also include free initial consultation and free teeth whitening within the treatment cost.

Factors That Determine Invisalign Costs in Nz

Several people assume that the Invisalign treatments are more costly than the traditional orthodontic treatments. But in reality, the cost of Invisalign aligners is almost similar to that of braces. But, just like other teeth straightening treatments, the exact cost varies from patient to patient. Some aspects affecting Invisalign costs are as follows:

  • The complexity of treatment: One of the main factors that affect the Invisalign treatment cost is the complexity associated with the malocclusion issue. If you have only a few teeth that need to be straightened or the bite is slightly bent, then the Invisalign treatment should be easier and shorter. But, with more complex malocclusion problems like severe overbite or underbite, the procedure will be time-consuming and difficult.

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To be more specific, complex malocclusion problems will need more aligners. The more the number of aligners required, the longer the treatment will take. This affects the cost of the treatment as complex conditions will require more frequent follow-up appointments.

  • Choice of treatment centers: If you choose an experienced dental service provider, it might affect the cost significantly. The best dental care centers have the most experienced dentists who have years of experience in the field. For getting the best quality services, you will have to pay a higher charge.
  • Patient cooperation: After undergoing a free Invisalign consultation, the specialists of the dental care center provide the patients with more accurate information about their treatment plan and the anticipated cost. If the patient follows all the instructions religiously, the treatment provides the expected result. So, to some extent, the outcome of the treatment relies on the patient’s cooperation.

As the aligners are removable, it is up to the patients to ensure that they are wearing them for at least twenty-two hours. If the patient does not follow the guideline, the treatment might take longer, more aligners will be required, and the treatment cost will increase.

So, it can be deduced from the above-mentioned information, that there is no standard Invisalign cost in New Zealand, and the price depends on the type of treatments and how many sets of aligners you require. The cost estimate is generally provided during the initial consultation, and you can get the actual quote after the dentist makes a complete treatment plan. Some top dental clinics provide Invisalign cost guides to give you a price idea.

Jessie Jacobs
Jessie Jacobs