Tips To Shop For Personalised Vitamins

If you do choose to take some personalised vitamins or mineral supplements, you need to shop for the ones very carefully. The following are some of the key things that every person must keep in mind and be aware of:

  • Consider taking a real food multivitamin. These are supplements that include extracts from real foods and/or minerals and vitamins in the forms found in real food in place of individual, stripped-down minerals and vitamins, which the body actually treats as foreign chemicals.
  • In traditional mineral and vitamin supplements, i.e., pills containing stripped-down, individual minerals and vitamins, look for the letters “USP” on the supplement bottle. This stands for “United States Pharmacopoeia”. Only mineral and vitamin supplements of the premium quality and absorbability earn this label.
  • On the other hand, look for bespoke vitamins that have the seal of the “CL Approved” on the bottle. CL stands for, which is a self-governing supplement industry watchdog that tests the quality of supplements and gives its seal of approval to the best only.
  • Opt for supplements that contain minerals in chelated form. This means the minerals are attached to proteins, simply as they are in real foods, which aids absorption.
  • Look for enzymes in the formulation. Particular enzymes help your body to absorb minerals and vitamins.
  • Do not bother with mineral and vitamin supplements labelled as being particularly for children, older individuals, men, and women, or whatsoever. These are marketing gimmicks. We are all human and we all need the same minerals and vitamins.
  • At the end of the day, take your selected mineral and vitamin supplement with a meal. This, as well, will aid absorption.

Always keep in mind that there are specific mineral and vitamin deficiencies that are very common in our society, even in the ones who try to control the quality of their diet. Prior to placing the order for any of the personalised vitamins, make sure to have a word with your doctor. You can even get to know about various premium supplements and multivitamins at Alyve, where you can get only customised supplement products!