Are you struggling with sagging breasts or a loose tummy after pregnancy? Did you just say yes? If you are, then rest assured you are not alone in this case. We hear several women complain that they are not able to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy body after pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that takes a toll on breast skin, tummy skin and affects the distribution of fat. In most cases, that’s when breast augmentation in Atlanta rolls into the picture.


As you go through this post, it should clear your worries regarding whether surgeries can help to restore your tummy skin or breast skin, and what other individuals prefer to choose in terms of the right surgical option.

Do you struggle with sagging breasts and loose tummy skin post-pregnancy? Does pregnancy affect your breast and belly tissues?

The Effect of Pregnancy on Your Abdominal Region

Usually, bounce back refers to the body’s ability to recover and restore the pre-pregnancy appearance like a breeze. However, in reality, this isn’t a breeze. Yes, the fact is that your pelvic region, belly area, and your lower area will experience dramatic changes post pregnancy. It is normal for your body changes to be profound post-pregnancy, or after you carry twins, triplets, or large babies.

What are the effects on breast and abdominal tissues? Does it have an effect on your lower abdomen skin and muscles? When you consult Crispin Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, you will learn that the procedures will not actually affect your post-surgery results. You just have to make sure that you follow the right precautions.

Before we look at whether these procedures affect post-pregnancy, let’s go through the effects of pregnancy on breast tissues as well as the abdominal muscle.

When Should You Consider Augmentation?

You should consider going under the knife when having excess skin becomes a major concern for you and the quality of your life. This is something that will also affect your physical health and your emotional health. When you have sagging or loose skin around your breast, this leads to self-esteem issues. Yes, when you reach your ideal weight post-baby, and have a stable BMI, but struggle with excess skin folds that are leading to concerns and problems, you should consider the surgery.

The fact is that loose and overstretched skin is something you cannot exercise away. In addition, sagging and loose breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding will revert to their loose state. On the other hand, you should consider a tummy tuck when your abdominal muscles are loose. A tummy tuck will help to firm, strengthen, and flatten your stomach, at the same time, this will restore the abdominal function that is important for the strength of your belly muscles. In addition, studies also show that the right surgery of the abdomen post pregnancy will reduce the risks of a backache or pain, and this should help to improve the urinary continence in some patients.

However, you should know that surgery is a serious affair, one that may come with some risks. This means not everyone will pass as a suitable candidate for the surgery. The results often vary from one person to the other. In addition other post-surgery considerations, such as childbearing in the future again, and weight changes will have an impact on the results of the surgery.

Is a Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck the Right Answer?

In this case, the answer is not for everyone. However, for some women, this the right option to help them regain a tighter, firmer, and uplifted appearance. If you are thinking of procedures to regain the pre-pregnancy contour of your body, you should schedule an appointment and consult your surgeons. You should make sure that you also go through some guides and consult the best surgeons in your area. Preferably, you should consult board-certified experts who would perform the “Mommy Makeover.”

To ensure that you get your pre-surgery body back, you need to make sure that you follow the right tips and precautionary measures in the healing phase. Make sure that you ask your surgeon any questions you have in mind, and ensure they clear all your doubts. Always go for a second opinion and if you wish to, you can have another appointment with a surgeon to discuss all your concerns.

Rest assured that after you have a breast augmentation in Atlanta, you can still breastfeed your little one. Your breasts will be able to produce milk as long as the surgeons make the right incisions. However, regardless of the surgery, you plan to choose, you should inform your plastic surgeon about your plans. Do you wish to go through pregnancy in the future again? If you plan to, then learn about all the important factors.