Developing cannabis is a tedious cycle. Most producers want to reach the harvesting season faster than expected. The process of achieving the feat entails weighing up the options depending on your understanding of the cultivation process and the eventual outcome. In this read, you will find some tried and rested techniques to expedite the growth process and help the cultivators get their yields faster.

There are a lot of reasons a grower may consider gathering the products earlier than usual. One reason to consider speeding up the cycle is that if you plan to move from one site to another or the conditions are not unfavorable for the strain you are growing. In such a case, you need to harvest before the onset of adverse weather conditions. Another reason may be that you are low on weed and do not want to spend additional cash on recreational or medical marijuana. It will save you some money if you can speed up the process and harvest your product before the current supply ends. Regardless of the reason, there are demonstrated approaches to surge things along. Here are some techniques to help you achieve a faster harvesting time than usual.

Use the Auto-Flowering Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis will develop at a quicker rate than photoperiod strains. This is because they contain hereditary qualities from the parent plant and will take less time to attain their flowering stage. Since it is the most critical stage in cannabis development, the buds will grow quickly as the plants reach maturity, making them ready to harvest.

Most auto-flowering species will begin to blossom within two weeks after germination and can be collected around the ninth and tenth week after germination. Some strains can attain its maturity within two months and still yields to their expected amount. Weed stores are utilizing the technique to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for cannabis products. Using the auto-flowering seeds will not hamper the quality of the final product.

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Grow Under Controlled Environment

Developing weed outside is simple, however it may take longer as they are subject to the external environment and climate. On the contrary, growing the plants indoors speeds up the development since you can give them the ideal lighting, temperature, and moistness. They will also be less inclined to infections and do not need to worry about drastic changes in climatic conditions.

Use Supplements

It is beneficial to understand the different supplements to give your plants and the ideal times for application. The most common products to supplement your plant’s nutrients needs are;

  • Potassium; essential for the development of massive and fatter buds during the blossoming stage.
  • Phosphorous; aids in developing more buds during the blooming stage.
  • Nitrogen; essential for developing leaves and stems during the vegetative stage.


Similar when developing buds, weed plants will use energy to develop leaves and stems. It is crucial to ensure all the plant’s energy goes towards developing large and dense buds during the blooming stage. Pruning your plants to eliminate additional stems and drying leaves implies more energy is accessible for developing buds