Every doctor who specializes in medical ultrasound would know the value of accuracy and realistic focus to deliver a precise imaging to their patients. Samsung HS40 ultrasound solution is a versatile system which provides advanced technologies for real and instant results.

Samsung HS40 ultrasound is designed in such a way that it provides exceptional care to patients with extraordinary image quality. HS40, being user-friendly and budget-friendly ultrasound system covers wide applications including obstetrics, abdominal, Musculoskeletal system, Urology, small organs, cardiology, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, neonatal cephalic, pediatric, adult cephalic, vascular, Internal Medicine and peripheral vessel.

HS40 is empowered with “S-Vision Imaging Engine” which features 64 transmitting channels and is armed with high performing hardware such as 21.5-inch LED monitor, 10.1-inch LED touchscreen, 4 probe ports, convex and endocavity transducers and a linear array transducer.

HS40 supports 5D Nuchal Translucency and 5D Follicle diagnostic features. These technologies help the physician to diagnose from pre-gestation throughout pregnancy stages in gynecology.

Samsung HS40 is in a competitive market of cardiovascular imaging. Being empowered with Strain+, Auto IMT+ and Tissue Doppler Imaging tools and other imaging features such as Elastoscan, Panoramic imaging and Needle Mate+, HS40 meets basic requirements of interventional procedures.

The enhanced tools of HS40 make it capable for efficient and optimized care. Let us take a deeper look into the tools used by HS40:


EZ-Exam+™ facilitates the users to build or use predefined protocols. It reconstructs the ultrasound examination into a streamlined process. EZ-Exam+™ stores regularly used protocols in a button.

Quick Preset

Quick Preset allows the user to select a desired transducer among the connected transducers with their frequently used image settings. Quick preset makes a full day ultrasound scanning simple and easy.

Dansys | Ultrasound

Hello Mom™

Smart feature of HS40 allows the physician to easily transfer ultrasound images and videos to smartphone


ElastoScan images the elasticity of a tissue through ultrasound diagnosis. Presence of any stiffness or solid masses in the tissue is detected and converted into color images. ElastoScan helps in early detection of malignant diseases.


Strain+, it is a quantitative tool to measure global and segmental wall motion of Left Ventricle (LV). Strain+ displays a four part screen with three standard LV views and a Bull’s eye for a simple and quick assessment of LV function.

Auto IMT+

Auto IMT+ screens a patient to analyze if he is under a risk of any cardiovascular diseases. With a simple click of button, Auto IMT+ screening tool measures the thickness of carotid walls. This screening increases diagnostic efficiency.


NeedleMate+™ visualizes the exact position of the needle while performing common interventions such as nerve blocks. Beam Steering added to NeedleMate+ improves the visibility of needle with linear ultrasound image.


Panoramic imaging allows the user to examine a wider area with extended field-of-view display. Panoramic imaging also collects data from linear and convex transducer to display angular scanning.

With the enhancement of these advanced tools discussed, HS40 stands powerful than other ultrasound machines.

Exceptional image quality for a crystal clear view:

Clinical decisions can be made with great determination, with clearer view of ultrasound images provided by HS40 ultrasound imaging technologies. The technology used in HS40 includes:


ClearVision uses the noise reduction filter to provide clear edge boundaries and generates sharp 2D images for optimal diagnosis. In live scan mode ClearVision provides temporal resolution and application-specific optimization.


Ultrasound beam is controlled by MultiVision electronically with steering and blends many scan lines for better image. MultiVision also provides dimensional and contrast resolution for greater artifact suppression.

1. S-Harmonic™

S-Harmonic™ reduces noisy signal and delivers uniform ultrasound images with improved near and far image clarity. S-Harmonic™ combined with ClearVision and MultiVision improves the image quality of HS40.

HS40, a user-friendly design:

User’s suggestions and thoughts were integrated to form a most convenient design of HS40 during development. The comfortable feature of HS40 includes:

2. Articulating monitor arm

An articulating monitor arm allows a wide range of mobility horizontally to your monitor and can be positioned according to your need.

3. Height-adjustable operating panel

Gas lift technology allows you to lift the operating panel upwards and downwards, effortlessly.

4. Endocavity transducer holder

To hold your endocavity ultrasound transducer safely, HS40 features side-mounted transducer holder to perform gynecological scanning more conveniently.

5. Gel warmer

Ultrasound gel warmers are used to increase patient’s comfort before scanning. An adjustable two-level gel warmer in HS40 maintains the ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.

6. Low noise

Physical scanning is made exceptionally quiet with HS40 including auscultation.

7. 21.5-inch LED monitor

HS40 features 21.5-inch LED monitor enhancing the clarity of images with contrast resolution and vivid color in any light conditions.

8. 10.1-inch LED touchscreen

The highly sensitive Samsung 10.1-inch touchscreen allows effective interaction during examination.

9. Side storage

Side storage is perfect to store patient’s chart or other things you need to keep near.

10. Rear tray

Rear tray of HS40 provides extra storage space for endocavity transducers and other probes.

11. Solid State Drive (SSD)

Samsung’s advanced Solid State Drives are used in HS40 which are stable and sturdy which allows fast processing speed, fast bootup and better frame rates.

Compact Design

HS40’s small physical structure keeps it compact and uses less space.

Some of the above features and tools make HS40 to stand out from other ultrasound machines. The above discussed tools and features offer an outstanding image performance and precise workflow during complex cases.

Now, where to get HS40 from a trustworthy company?

Dansys HS40 Samsung Ultrasound Solution:

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