If eye problems go unnoticed, they can be exceedingly harmful. Most people, usually, avoid getting their eyes examined until they notice a change in their vision or require a new pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Which might harm their eyes in several ways. For that reason even if you are having slight troubling symptoms, go see a Private GP London to look for any underlying causes.

Now let’s take a look at some common symptoms and what they are trying to tell you.

Pain in the Eyes

Sudden eye pain should always be taken seriously. This could be an indication of undiagnosed glaucoma or eye irritation. And if you begin to have eye pain, do not attempt to treat it yourself. Avoid trying to clean your eyes or apply pressure because it will just make matters dangerous.


You’ve probably had floaters at some point in your life. They’re the small squiggles that emerge out of nowhere in your field of vision. While the occasional floater is typical, if you see an increase in floaters, you should consult your doctor. In case you unexpectedly get floaters and flashes of light, get your eyes checked by a specialist at Private Clinic London for treatment. This could indicate a retinal tear, which might lead to retinal detachment.

Blurry Vision

Sometimes the alterations in eyesight are significantly less dramatic. Often, patients simply realize that something isn’t quite right. Their vision doesn’t appear to be as sharp as it once was, and they’re not sure why. If you notice that your vision is becoming hazy, as if you are looking through a piece of glass, you should consult your eye doctor. This could be an indication of cataracts.


Occasionally having redness in your eyes is totally normal; it may be the consequence of allergies or a late night out with friends. If you wear contacts regularly and your eyes

suddenly become red, and itchy, discuss the situation with your doctor right away. It might be an omen of a serious eye infection.

Double Vision

It is never a reasonable idea to ignore double vision. If your double vision is restricted to one eye, you may have a corneal issue. However, if it occurs in both eyes, it could be a symptom of a neurological condition. Moreover, if your double vision is accompanied by lightheadedness or pain, you should seek medical attention right once.

Eyelid Droop

As you become older, your eyelids will droop somewhat due to gravity and the normal aging of your cells or tissues, but this is a long-term process and not an emergency. However, if one eyelid suddenly gets droopy, go to the emergency department immediately because it might lead to a stroke, muscle disease, or a neurological problem.

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