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Introducing the Samsung ultrasound HM70A with Plus the advanced imaging technology. A slim and compact ultrasound Samsung HM70A system with Plus offers a high-quality imaging technology with easy-to-use features and more. It is the right and best choice for those physicians or healthcare professionals who want to deliver excellence in patient care. The HM70A with Plus slim’s compact increases productivity and offers versatile portability.

The Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus delivers excellent high-quality images. Semi-automated fetal NT & IT measurement volume NT is determined by the mid-sagittal plane as well as it also measures the fetal NT it is nothing but a (nuchal translucency) and IT(intracranial translucency) thicknesses from the data volume.

The Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus technology or system integrates with the intelligent imaging technology for healthcare professionals in order to make a wide range of needs with excellent high-quality images. A combination of Hybrid imaging engine software and hardware offers faster and more accurate data processing. It means that you can get faster and in-depth scanning details.

In Samsung ultrasound HM70A with a plus system, the S-Vue™ transducer technology (CA1-7AD) offers a larger bandwidth with a higher sensitivity in both the transmit as well as the receive capabilities. The combination of a Hybrid imaging engine and S-Vue™ transducer technology allows healthcare professionals to visualize the image easier. And, the S-Vue™ transducer (CA1-7AD) technology is easy to hold and manipulate too.

Samsung HM70A with plus delivers excellence wherever you go

15-inch LED monitor touchscreen

This Samsung advanced and unique HM70A plus 15-inch LED monitor touchscreen is highly sensitive and it allows more efficient interaction during the examination for the patients. This device delivers an excellent contrast resolution, and high-quality image clarity, with vibrant color lighting conditions.

Compact Design

In this Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus technology, the small physical footprint helps to maximize the use of space.

Full-Screen Mode

With one touch the user can automatically expand the image area in order to lift the entire screen by optimizing the view so that you can analyze the image easily.

Extended Battery 

The extended battery of this Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus technology supports 3 hours to 3.5 hours of the system operation when it is fully charged.

Fast Booting

The Samsung advanced ultrasound HM70A with plus technology fast booting system enables powering on automatically within 60 to 80 seconds from the powered-off state.

Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus innovative technologies

With the reporting tools, and cardiac imaging performance the Samsung ultrasound HM70A with Plus helps physicians or healthcare professionals to focus better on obtaining solutions for challenging cases by keeping the optimal productivity. The Combination of strain and quantitatively displays a left ventricular action as well as the dyssynchrony at a glance. This device offers a comprehensive LV presentation, simultaneous chamber view and, intuitive segmental strain values.

The Stress Echo in Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus technology package includes a wall motion scoring as well as a reporting. This package includes an Exercise Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo, free programmable Stress Echo, and pharmacologic Stress Echo.

Auto IMT+ is a screening tool. This tool is for analyzing the patient’s potential risk of cardiovascular (stroke or heart disease). Auto IMT+ provides easy intra-media thickness measurements for both walls (anterior wall and posterior wall) of the common carotid artery. This procedure will enhance the exam productivity and will offer additional value to the diagnostic.

A variety of tools to increase efficiency and one of the important tools is EZ-Exam+™ it helps the physicians or healthcare professionals to use the predefined protocols. This device transforms the ultrasound technology into a streamlined process.

Tools for optimized care in Samsung ultrasound HM70A technology

Samsung’s NeedleMate+ is the best and highest technology of needle guidance technology, it visualizes the area of veterinarians performing for needle aspirate procedures. And, the ElastoScan™ (elastography for cervix, breast) detects the presence of a solid mass in tissues and it will convert the stiffness into a color image. It automatically verifies the presence of lesions and also reduces the burden of further cervical palpation. In Samsung ultrasound HM70A with plus technology, the EZ Exam™ transforms the multiple steps into a modernized process. So, that your time will save from doing repetitive works. While operating the diagnosis can maximize the view area in full screen to fit the entire screen for optimal image analysis.

 Why Dansys -Samsung ultrasound HM70A system is best for you?

The Dansys-Samsung ultrasound HM70A system is an FDA-approved technology in UAE. Dansys Group is a top-rated global medical equipment provider throughout the UAE. This new high-end Samsung HM70A system is designed for multi-purpose gynecological and obstetric ultrasound imaging in hospitals and private care over the various fields. This new HM70A technology is a completely user-inspired design and capability that meet the needs of everyday practice for healthcare professional in general imaging. Samsung’s advanced HM70A technology or system empowers physicians with greater diagnostic confidence and efficiency.

With the industry-leading top-rated medical equipment provider we help the healthcare professionals and diagnose with confidence. Fast booting technology of Samsung’s advanced HM70A system and its extended battery technology for hours of this system operation when it’s fully charged. The S-Vue Transducer™ technology is the most unique feature in this Samsung’s advanced HM70A technology or system.

Dansys- Samsung ultrasound HM70A technology has some advanced imaging functions like ClearVision and S-Flow™. The ClearVision helps to eliminate unwanted speckle noise and providing excellent high-quality images. And, the S-Flow™ is a sensitive color Doppler that helps to reveal the surface of blood vessels even when the blood flow detection is difficult.

Dansys made a reputed name in the market by providing the top-grade Samsung ultrasound HM70A technology. We ‘Dansys’ sells all the major brands of the top-rated medical equipment with many trusted brands throughout the world. If you are interested and want to know more about the Dansys-Samsung ultrasound HM70A technology, you can talk to one of our specialists. Reach out to us today!