I am Anthony S. Ong, a Philippines-based freelance lifestyle writer. I’ve written extensively about fashion, style, and film, but also about how to reach your goals in every way possible.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and just give up. The world has been so harsh to you that you forget who worthwhile it is to strive and survive. Even when you’re doing your best and everything seems fine, suddenly, your life changes in a snap and the dream you were once working toward seems too farfetched now. Should this stop you? The answer should be no! Life is full of rocks that you jump over, walk across, or duck when it’s falling to your face. If you give up every time trouble rears its ugly head, then you really wouldn’t go anywhere.

Dreams are always possible, and any trials and tribulations that you might face along the way just mean you’re on the right path. Sometimes, setbacks are necessary to give you a new idea on how to achieve your dreams. There’s never really just one way in going for the things you want, sometimes, there are alternatives that may not be common or popular, but will work nonetheless. In times of adversity here are some important alternatives to think about.

Go Little by Little

So your novel wasn’t published or your movie wasn’t greenlit. What should you do now? Unbeknown to many, these two rejections happened to very prominent people, like Harry Potter books author J.K. Rowling and Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Speilberg. Now, such names are part of the history of pop culture, but this is because they never gave up. And you shouldn’t either. If the big project you’ve been working on got rejected, instead of putting down the pen, go little by little. Make short stories in which publishers can understand your writing style. Create small independent films so big studios will get to see your talent in filmmaking. Taking it slow is just a calmer way of reaching your dreams.

Take it Easy

You’re preparing for the big game when suddenly, you’re hit with a major injury. When this happens, don’t listen to those naysayers who are proclaiming the end of your athletic career. Instead, look for other ways in which you can still train despite the injury. It’s important, first and foremost, that when you have this sort of setback, that you take it easy. You’d probably want to stay fit and healthy for your sport despite the injury, but working out is out of the question. In such situations, you can look for other ways to maintain your fitness. Whole-body vibration training, for example, is a form of weight-losing exercise that can also speed up your recovery. It may not be common, but it does the trick, and in the process, you’re taking it nice and easy before getting back to the field or the court!

Look for Like-Minded People

Part of what will make you reach your dreams a lot easier are the people who you surround yourself with. At the height of your career, there will be those that are only there for your prestige, money, and success. But once you experience a major setback, they’re gone in a snap. In times like these, look for like-minded people to be your friends and family. They, more than any other people in the world, understand your journey and will help you achieve your dream rather than simply benefit from it. Look around you and you might be surprised how many other individuals share your interests, perceptions, and dreams. These are the real keepers!

The word alternative has a sort of negative connotation because it means you have to let go of things you know and are used to. But in reality, alternatives can often lead you to achieve your dreams faster and better. Don’t be afriad of them, and in times of adversity, embrace them!