‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’ – John C. Maxwell.

Leadership has never been so crucial in the workplace. The way that you lead impacts your career, your whole team and the eventual outcomes of your team. With everything going on in the world, heart-based leadership and authenticity have never been more critical.

The ability to inspire loyalty and build effective relationships by being kind, caring and courageous, and leading from the heart makes a great leader during hard times. With Gen Y and the emergence of more socially conscious businesses, employees want their leaders to be authentic, vulnerable while still being strong leaders and leading by example.

In order to ensure your leadership is making a difference, or you need to fix areas of your leadership, you first need to understand what isn’t working in terms of your leadership style. With the rise of heart-based and collaborative leadership styles comes the demise of the autocratic leadership style.

Autocratic leadership styles, while more common in the past, are being phased out. As a new generation of workers enters the workforce, they realise they perform better under different leadership styles. They aren’t afraid to leave when they recognise an autocratic leadership style. Autocratic leadership involves a management style where one leader takes control of all the decisions and takes very little input from their team. The opposite of a collaborative leadership style, so no surprise that autocratic leaderships are on the decline in modern societies.

As a leader, the first thing you need to do is put in the time to develop as an individual and uncover the authenticity of who you really are; that’s when you’ll be in touch with who you really are. That is the first step in being a great leader.

Another way of creating transformative change in your leadership is by connecting with a business leadership coach and mentor, who can help you through the process of first connecting with yourself as an individual and then start becoming a better leader as a result.

Finding the right corporate coach in Australia, or the right corporate wellness program is the first and best step towards becoming the best individual and leader you can possibly be. You can learn to embrace a heart-based, collaborative leadership style. By ridding yourself of negative self-talk, risk aversion and apathy, you can fulfil your potential as a leader and employee.

Authenticity and vulnerability aren’t downfalls in a leader; in fact, they are the opposite. Nothing is stopping you from becoming the best leader you possibly can be. Learn to lead by example and still be a strong leader.

Get in touch today to discover your full leadership potential from a professional business coach and mentor who specialises in corporate wellness programs and find a tailored corporate program that suits your future goals and ambitions.