Sexual gratification is equally important for both males and females, but when the body’s natural response doesn’t feel active or low. Partners don’t feel satisfied with each other. Low sexual desire disorder in females is becoming common and this is the main reason for being frustrated and facing mood swings.

All in all, the quality of life gets disturbed. Having a healthy sexual relationship with a partner ultimately makes you feel good and increase productivity in both men and women.

Many medications and substances are used to cure these issues, but Peptide 141 is the most famous and effective drug for such sexual concerns. Since this drug is used for both men and women for low sexual desires and pre-ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions which are the major contributor to bad mental health.

In this article, all the crucial aspects of PT-141 Peptide will be covered to have a deep insight into this drug and how you can benefit from it. So, let’s get straight into this.

What is Peptide PT-141?

Peptide PT-141, often known as bremelanotide is a new innovative peptide hormone cure which is designed for both males and females to improve their sexual functionality. This is an effective drug to deal with increased libido and erectile dysfunction in men and improve the sexual arousal and stimulation of hormones in females to improve their sex life.

This drug improves the blood flow to the sexual organs of both men and women by increasing the level of motivation, passion, and intimacy to build healthy powerful sexual contact.

Peptide PT-141 works directly from the nervous system and plays with the body’s chemicals to increase sexual arousal and feel energetic to give your partner true satisfaction whilst sexual contact.

Is PT-141 FDA-Approved?

This drug is approved by the FDA presently to deal with female sexual arousal disorders. However, this drug is equally effective for men’s masculinity issues due to which they cannot satisfy their partner and fall prey to pre-ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. You can use this drug for these concerns to feel a difference in the quality of your life.

Does PT-141 Increase The Dopamine Level In The Body?

This drug may increase the level of dopamine in the body. Since dopamine is the primary chemical which is mainly responsible for the sensation of pleasure, motivation enables you to fulfil the desire and act accordingly as per the perceived level of motivation and pleasure. It may also help with the sexual arousal of desires and feeling passionate about it which may result in long-lasting sexual intercourse to feel next-level satisfaction.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using PT-141?

These are the possible side-effects of using PT-141 when intending for sexual intercourse.

  • Vomiting for several hours
  • Blurry eye vision
  • Low heartbeat
  • Swollen lips
  • Cough or fever

Can I Purchase This Drug Without A Prescription?

You can purchase this drug to use at home but only when you have a prescription. Remember this is not an OTC drug, so a doctor’s referral is crucial when buying this product.

How do PT-141 Lats?

It depends on person to person, while it works for some people and gets an instant response within minutes, some people may require hours to feel a noticeable difference. After the initial intake of this drug, the impact of this drug will last for about 72 hours.

Where is the PT-141 Injected?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that where to inject this drug. In general, the shot is given under your thighs or stomach area. The main preference is to give the shot under the skin for an immediate effect on the body. Whenever you inject this into your body, always try to make sure to do this process by a good practitioner to reduce the complications. You can also perform this activity at home if you have the facility of a caretaker at home.

PT-141: Erectile Dysfunction Research Trials for Peptide Therapy | Paradigm  Peptides

Benefits of Using PT-141:

These are the possible benefits of using PT-141 to deal with certain sexual issues in both men and women.

  • Deals with HSDD disorder: This disorder is common in both men and women and refers to low sexual interests, thoughts, low sexual arousal, and many other things which affect the quality of one’s life. Patients diagnosed with such disorders are generally prescribed such drugs to use for the ultimate solution for these issues. This drug activates the hormones and chemicals to stimulate the motivational level and intimacy of the relationship.
  • Women’s sexual satisfaction: Another benefit is, that this drug will help to increase the frequency along with premenopausal females who are experiencing HSSD to have satisfying sexual activities with their partners. There are many clinical trials which showed great results in premenopausal females with HSSD disorder feeling strong sexual arousal right 2 hours before having intercourse with the partner.
  • Reduction in erectile dysfunction: Studies have shown a great improvement in the issue of pre-ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in males. It is reported that this problem is to be resolved for about 50% while intercourse with a good intake of PT-141. Males who are unable to satisfy their partners should desperately consider this drug with the consultation of their doctors to get the maximum effectiveness of this drug.
  • Improvement in blood pressure: This drug keeps the blood at a certain level in sex organs while intercourse which helps to stay active during intercourse to last longer and to get that satisfaction. In some other cases, the main cause of early discharge during sex is mainly due to poor blood circulation in the organs which creates an unpleasant and embarrassing situation. Trying out this product for this concern, can ultimately help you out and improve your quality of life.
  • Mood swings: Mood swings and frustration are some of the common outcomes when you don’t feel sexually satisfied. Don’t worry by using this drug, you will be able to control multiple frustrating mood swings which sometimes make other people angry. You can use this product as per the doctor’s recommendation in a certain quantity.


Always use this type of drug with complete guidance from doctors to take for a forceful relationship with your partner. Don’t worry about the side effects as it’s typically a natural response of your body.