There is far more to martial arts than just taekwondo or Krav Maga North York. The martial arts include the most numerous and organized procedures of combat which are practiced widely all around the globe today. Some of the styles are historical and derived from the culture whereas the other styles are modified into a more modern form. There may be many aspects of fighting which impose on most of the styles but their approach to combat is uniquely different for each style. The categorization followed by here is on the basis of generalized combat style of each of them:

Stand-up or striking martial arts style

This style is majorly for training practitioners on how to defend themselves or attack while standing up on their feet. This type of martial arts lets its practitioners use kicks, punches, knees, blocks, and elbows to defend themselves. The degree of teaching these moves depends on the purpose of learning, style, and the trainer who is teaching.

Ground-fighting or grappling martial arts style

These styles concentrate on teaching their learners to take their opponents to the ground in defense or attack anything. The goal is to end the combat, whether by taking on a dominant position or getting onto a submissive hold on the opponent. The style is associated closely to its name, as it has to be ended on the ground.

Takedown or throwing style martial arts style

This style of martial arts starts from a fight in standing position itself. But to take this fight to the ground with complete surety, the only possible way is to incorporate throws and takedowns in your combat technique. And this is where the takedown or throwing style comes into the picture. A thing to be noted is that all the grappling styles also teach takedown moves and most of the throwing style martial arts teach grappling. Closely looking down at these styles, there is a considerable amount of imposition in their aspects but the prime concentration of these styles is takedown.

Weapon based martial arts style

Most of the previously mentioned styles of martial arts use weapons in their application which may include the use of a wooden sword or also known as a bokken. But there are present some martial arts styles which are completely weapon centered. To name some of these styles are Iaido, Kendo, Kali, and so on.

Meditative or low-impact martial arts style

The practitioners of such a style are most probably related to or are focusing on the spiritual side of their moves along with fitness and breathing techniques rather than fighting or combat in certain. Although these styles are still used in combat and can be used even currently, as displayed in many films.

Hybrid fighting martial arts style

The current culture is to simply teach a few martial arts styles mixed together which is called mixed martial arts or even hybrid fighting martial arts style. It is recently popularized by tournaments which encourage such style of martial arts.

The above mentioned is the categorization and they are also trained for at many martial arts class. For more details, you can connect with us through Google Maps, Brown Book, and Van Pages!