We always want the best vaping experience, but this won’t always happen with a dirty vape. It’s a good idea to periodically clean your pod vape so that it’s always working at full capacity.

If you have one of the Uwell vape kits, or a different one for that matter, here is how to go about cleaning them:

Why Clean Your Vape?

The world’s best vapes are designed to provide a first class vaping experience with every hit. Most pod vapes are designed to be easy-to-use and this makes it easy to understand them from the beginning. However, for pods to always work at their best, they require steady airflow – this is why it’s important to clean them.

Occasionally cleaning your pod will not only ensure the very best operational standard but will also add longevity to your system.

Here is how to do it:

Cleaning Your Pod-Based Vape

The most important appendages for cleaning your device are cotton swabs and paper towels. You can begin by wiping down the vape’s outside to remove fingerprints and dust. You can then remove the pod from the device and put this aside until it is needed.

Once you have removed the pod, have a look into the chamber that you find at the device’s top. It’s possible that there may be some condensation as well as a small amount of liquid. Remove this liquid with your cotton swabs as well as any liquid on the spring-loaded pins by pressing down lightly with your cotton swabs until the swabs come up dry.

If there is juice under the device’s pins, there may even be more liquid in the pod system’s internal electronics. This should be removed as this can go a long way to further preserving your device’s lifespan. This can be done by holding the system upside down and firmly blowing into the bottom. The air pressure should make any juice move into the top section where it can then be swabbed.

If you have a pod-based vape system that has struggled to work after a juice leak you can potentially bring it back to life by sealing the device in a plastic bag with a handful of uncooked white rice or desiccant packet. After a day, the desiccant or rice may absorb enough moisture to make the device start working again (just like an old waterlogged Nokia!).

Cleaning Your Pods

Vape pods are disposable, so you can just buy new ones if you don’t want to bother cleaning your current ones. If a pod is unable to provide its flavour quality, you can just throw it out and buy a new one. However, pods can start to form residue on its atomizer coil which diminishes the flavour. Under the residue there are typically no problems with the coil, so if you can take out the residue then you might still have a perfectly working coil!

To clean the vape pod all you have to do is open the pod’s filling cap and soak the pod in some hot water. Give the water the occasional stir every once in a while over a few hours and you will soon most likely see black flecks floating around the water. This is the coil’s residue.

You can then remove the pod from the water and leave it for a day to dry before using it again. This is how you can use your pod again but, as we said, you might just want to buy a new one!