The primary purpose of using dental implants is restoring the real appearance and functionality of your tooth loss. However, some other solutions can provide these beneficial results, but they are not as durable as dental implants. As a trusted dentist offering affordable implant cost in Vancouver, these cosmetic dental treatments made of titanium alloys and bone-like ceramic materials that are biocompatible with body tissue. If you are wondering which type can adequately meet your dental needs, follow the essential information in this essay.

Helpful Considerations About Various Types of Dental Implants

Pure titanium is the types of special material that is the best option to create dental implants. providing the most natural appearance, preserving the best functionality and effectively bonding with human’s jaw bone are essential factors that convince dedicated dentists to choose titanium to create dental implants. no matter where the missing teeth are located, in the front or back of your mouth, this exceptional solution can replace them without difficulties. The following items are the most practical types of dental implants that are available to meet valued patients’ dental needs. Please get in touch with your experienced and dedicated dentists to find out which type is a proper choice for you:

Subperiosteal Dental Implants: This modern dental implant isn’t inserted into your jawbone. During this exceptional process, a special frame will be placed under your gum, and as soon as the site is healed, the artificial teeth will be applied on it. If your dedicated dentists determine after gully evaluating your mouth that you don’t have enough healthy bone to keep dental implants stable, they will recommend subperiosteal type.

Endosteal Dental Implants: The most common types that usually perform for those who have healthy and strong jaw bone is endosteal type. Once the professional oral surgeon successfully performs the procedure and locates the titanium device in its proper position, a long time, around three or four months, should pass until the site properly heals. Then the false teeth will be delicately placed over the implant to recover your natural functionality.

Zygomatic Dental Implants: Professional dentists rarely think of replacing their valued patients’ missing teeth with zygomatic dental implants because it is the last solution for those who are not a good candidate for endosteal implants. During this complicated option, the implant device will be mounted over the cheekbone rather than your jawbone because your jawbone is not strong enough to support your dental implants.


Special Techniques to Successfully Install Dental Implants

In some cases, when your professional dentist determines that your jaw bone is not ready for dental implant installation and the zygomatic type of dental implant is out of the question, several beneficial techniques and methods can be performed as beneficial alternative procedures:

-Sinus Lift: During this helpful procedure, some extra bone will be added under the sinus to prepare the site to replace missing teeth in the upper jaw.

-Bone Augmentation: During this complicated process, your professionally-trained dentists will perform a special type of oral surgery called bone grafting to increase the strength of your jaw bone to keep the implant stable.