Cakes are a necessary part of every celebration. Other than cakes, you can add chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, mini cookies, small chocolate bites, and dried fruits to your sweet platter. Moreover, during the summer holidays season drinks are also an important part of parties and events. You can get a double door bottle cooler to keep your drinks chilled.

Here we will learn to make ice topping cake at home. You can make a masterpiece for your next special occasion or birthday party with a few store-bought ingredients. If you are feeling ambitious, you can try the showstopping cake, stacked with an ice-cold layer, some goodies, and ice cream. You can construct ice topping cake with dessert sauces like butterscotch and melted chocolate and with crumbled cookies.

While making ice cream cake, it is important to work quickly otherwise ice cream will melt. When you will refreeze it, ice crystals may form in the finished cake. Here is a step-by-step guide to make a delicious cake with ice-cold layers of ice cream.

Ingredients You Need Are:

Make sure you have all the ingredients before starting preparation to build the ice cream cake.

You need 2 cake layers. You can bring readymade or can make cake layers at home easily with simple ingredients.

The second ingredient you need is 3 cups of ice cream, keep it for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.

Moreover, you need crunchy filling like chocolate chips, crushed cookie bits, or crushed brownies. You will also need whipped cream or fudge sauce for icing the cake or decorating the top of the cake.

What Else You Need?

You also need a sheet pan. Line the sheet pan with plastic paper and freeze it for 15 minutes. Additionally, you need an offset spatula and a large spoon.


Step 1: Top First Cake Layer With Ice Cream

Place the first layer of cake on the sheet tray and top it with a layer of ice cream. Then carefully transfer this cake layer to a chilled sheet pan lined with plastic paper. You can use almost 1 ½ cup of softened ice to cover the first cake layer.

Step 2: Smooth Out The Ice Cream

Use an offset spatula and smooth out the first layer of ice cream. Make sure you get a solid and thick layer of ice cream.

Step 3: Top the Ice Cream with Crushed Cookies

The third layer will be crushed cookies. So, top the ice cream layer with a crushed cookies layer. You can also use chocolate chips or brownie bits for crunchy filling.

Step 4: Top Crunchy Filling With Ice Cream

At this step, you need to spoon the rest of the softened ice cream all over the crunchy filling. Smooth the second ice cream layer so it covers the crunchy layer completely.

Step 5: Add the Second Cake Layer

After the second layer of ice cream place the second cake layer over it. Then freeze the cake for 1 to 2 hours. Make sure ice cream is completely frozen before you remove it from the freezer. You can check it with touch, it should be hard.

Step 6: Remove the Cake from Freezer to Add Topping

Make sure the cake doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. So, gently pull up the plastic wrap and pull your cake from the pan. Now, it is time to ice your cake with whipped cream. You can also use fudge sauce or meringue for icing. After icing place the cake back in the freezer until it sets. It will take around an hour.

Remove it 5 minutes before serving and enjoy.