When it comes to eating healthy, most people only consider eating foods with less fat, calories, and sugar to lose weight. Others pile up on greens and fruits to “detoxify” all the unhealthy processed foods out of their bodies. Sure, those methods may satta matka help train some people to eat more veggies and look out for what they put in their bodies. However, most of the time, we take for granted that some foods may not be healthy for our gut, leading to problems such as indigestion, constipation, and bloating.

Eating healthy for a more robust and functional gastrointestinal tract means eating right for your other body systems. A healthy gut means easier weight loss, clear and glowing skin, and regular bowel movement. Here are five foods to take for a stronger and more active gut.

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Whether in solid or liquid form, yogurt is perhaps the most well-known for providing probiotics–live bacteria that replace the good bacteria you’ve lost from taking antibiotics. Probiotics also help balance out the good and bad bacteria in your gut, helping your body function properly. Choose yogurt products that are sugar-free and whole-fat as they help in your digestion and reduce bloating.


Kimchi isn’t just a staple side dish for K-drama and Korean barbecue lovers. This Korean fermented cabbage dish is packed with probiotics, vitamins, and fiber. The spicy and savory flavors of kimchi are best paired with grilled meat, rice, and steamed eggs.

Due to the global popularity of K-Pop and K-drama, you can now find kimchi in Korean grocery stores and typical supermarkets. Residents of Brentville International Community can avail themselves of kimchi from Korean restaurants and samgyeopsal places in Biñan, Laguna.


Avocados are superfoods rich in fiber and potassium, two nutrients essential for promoting a healthier digestive function. They are also low in fructose (fruit sugars), which means they are less likely to cause gas and bloating.

Avocados are also pretty versatile fruits. You can eat them as is or blend them into a smoothie, slice them to make avocado toast, or mash to make guacamole.


While not exactly food, kefir is a well-known fermented drink that improves digestion and supports weight loss. In fact, research shows that kefir is a more potent source of probiotics than yogurt. Kefir has over 61 strains of bacteria and yeasts essential for weight loss, balancing out your gastrointestinal tract, and even promoting better mental health.


Miso is a delicious ingredient for soups, dips, and dressings. It is also rich in nutrients: proteins, sodium, manganese, vitamin K, B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and choline. These nutrients help promote better digestion and reduce the risk of getting stomach cancer.

If you love eating raw foods such as sushi and kinilaw, eating miso soup helps eliminate the harmful bacteria and parasites that might have nestled in your stomach and intestines.

Overall, eating these five healthy foods promote better digestion and gastrointestinal function. These foods also support weight loss and reduce bloating and the risks of getting stomach cancer. Add these foods to your diet to have a more robust mind and body.