It is mostly the first association, when we mention this ancient art of treating the body, is relaxation, according to physiotherapist clinic brampton. However, massage has far greater relevance for our body. Regardless of where it comes from and with which tradition and culture is connected, and there are quite a number, the primary goal is to establish and preserve the balance of the body, mind and soul. It is precisely in its philosophy that the massage provides the condition that every human being is regarded as a single, indivisible whole, and the treatment is created exclusively according to his sensibility, problem, years, profession, mood and needs. In this way, massage in everyday life has its prominent place in preventive and therapeutic and cosmetic sense.

In physical terms, well-honed and performed massage affects all the structures of our body. The movements at the massage stimulate surface cleansing of the skin from epidermal scales, which enables the improvement of the breathing, which is also extensively done through our skin. This regulates the operation of sweat and sebaceous glands, and the tension of the skin is enhanced by the stimulation of collagen and elastin in it. Improving the circulation, which is manifested by redness on the surface of the skin, suggests a better exchange of substances in the skin by delivering more oxygen and nutrients, as well as better detoxification of harmful metabolic products. Also, the correct application of massage from the first day of pregnancy prevents skin cracking and the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch muscles, which are the greatest danger to the heart’s work and balanced work of the internal organs, thanks to proper massage, they return to the state of optimal tonus, the pains often caused by the pressure of the muscles on the nerves relax. If the muscles are due to prolonged laying and inactivity of the weakened tone, atrophied, proper massage affects the stimulation of the same, and with exercises contributes to their strengthening. The joints themselves, the anatomical connections in them, the ligaments, become more flexible and more relaxed.

It is also known that massage affects the harmonization of the work of the internal organs. Massage of the abdomen is beneficial for the work of small and small intestine, kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas. Massage of the interpopulary part relaxes the tension in the chest and improves breathing.

All the states of our mental, physical and spiritual life leave a trace on our body. Old Eastern people have long since recorded a reciprocal relationship between emotions and the work of internal organs. For example, the sorrow will adversely affect the work of the respiratory organs, or block the work of the lungs. Each top masseur must know this mechanism and direct his work to the region of the respiratory organs.
In addition to daily self-massage of endangered parts of the body, a detailed massage is advised preventively at least once a week.

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