Nowadays, with technological advancements, everyone desires to have the perfect appearance. One of the main features affecting your appearance is a glorious smile. When you smile, your teeth are available, so you should have beautiful teeth if you want to look perfect with your smile. However, there are usually some dental defects devastatingly affecting your teeth’ beauty. One of these dental defects that most people are suffering from is crooked teeth. Thanks to dental advancements, there are various treatments to solve this dental issue. The old method is orthodontic treatment. But there is an advanced method that is more popular and widely used: Invisalign. When you decide to go through this cosmetic dental treatment, you can get your dream smile. But there is some consideration that you may not know about this process. In this article, we interviewed an Invisalign dentist in Toronto to help us get some information about these tips.

At first, it is important to know that if you want to have straight teeth, you should be patient. In other words, you are not allowed to remove your Invisalign unless you are going to eat, drink, brush, or floss. You should tolerate your aligners for 20 hours at least. If you remove them because you’re going to a party or you are tired of them, the process will take longer, and even you may not get the desired result. The longer you wear them; the better result you will observe.

Another point is that you may face some difficulties while speaking when you go through this cosmetic dental treatment. It is normal. Do not get panic. You will get used to it after a while. Most dental specialists suggest practicing speaking while you are wearing Invisalign to get used to it faster.

About comparing these cosmetic dental treatments with orthodontics, it can be said that they are more comfortable, and people usually do not complain about feeling so much pain with them. Besides, they are less visible and more attractive and modern.


About maintenances instructions, you can put aside your concern since there is usually no special instruction. It is just enough to brush and floss them regularly, and if you want to make them shiny and bright, you can use special toothpaste. One significant point about this cosmetic dental treatment is that no food particles get stuck between your teeth while wearing this treatment. But an important point about brushing is that you should brush after each meal.

If you are one of those feeling your mouth is dry after getting Invisalign, do not worry. It is normal. This problem will usually disappear after some days.

As mentioned above, it is necessary to remove aligners before eating, and it is also needed to brush after eating. It may seem a challenging task, and as a result, you may prefer not to eat snacks as much as before. Finally, you may lose some weight during passing this treatment since you cannot eat as easily as before.