With the advancements in technology happening every day, almost all the world’s industries are evolving these days. Out of the different industries evolving, the medical industry saw some groundbreaking breakthroughs over the past few years. However, getting the proper medical attention for different issues these days has become quite expensive.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the medical attention you need without worrying about your financial stability is getting health insurance. Purchasing health insurance in India has become quite easy these days. Insurers like Tata AIG allow customers to purchase the policy online through their official websites. They also offer different policies to help customers meet their specific requirements.

For instance, health insurance with cancer cover will help you cover the costs of being diagnosed with cancer.  However, at times the coverage offered by your health insurance plan can fall short. This may cause you severe financial stress for dealing with ailments. To help customers deal with such situations, insurers have started offering top-up health insurance plans.

What are Top-Ups in Health Insurance?

A top-up in health insurance policies will improve your existing health insurance policy’s sum insured amount. It will provide you with financial coverage once you have used up the maximum claim amount. Once the sum insured amount of the base policy is exhausted, the top-up policy functions as an additional layer of financial coverage and a backup for your health insurance plan.

Top-up health insurance plans are affordable policies that can help you enhance your base health insurance plan. They can also be bought along with the health insurance coverage offered by your employer. While a medical insurance plan and a top-up may seem the same, they are fundamentally different.

Most people think top-up health insurance plans are riders for your health policies. However, they are separate plans that you can purchase along with your base health insurance policy. You can buy the policy and the top-up from the same insurer or buy both from different insurers.

How Does Top-Up in Health Insurance Work?

The base health insurance plan will cover medical bills up to the sum insured limit. However, the top-up plan will be used when the required amount goes above the sum insured amount of the base policy.

For instance, let’s say your health policy offers you a sum insured amount of ₹7 lakhs, and you get a top-up plan of ₹10 lakhs. Once your medical bills go above ₹7 lakhs, the top-up coverage in your health policy will help you deal with the additional coverage. However, if your requirement goes above ₹17 lakhs, you will have to pay the additional sum out of your pocket.

How Top-Up Plans Offer More Coverage at Low Premiums

If you have included top-up and super top-up insurance policies in your plan, they are activated only when the medical bills go higher than the sum insured in your base health insurance plan. With the inclusion of the top-up feature in the plan, you can be at peace knowing that you will be covered for medical bills that may go above your sum insured amount.

Along with this, the cost of including the top-up insurance coverage in your medical insurance for your family is quite affordable. With just a small hike in your premium amount, you will get to deal with the medical bills going above your sum insured limit. The extended amount of coverage offered in health insurance plans comes with several benefits as well.

Benefits of Top-Up in Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums are set to rise: 10 strategies, discounts that can bring down mediclaim costs - The Economic Times

Given below are some benefits of a top-up health insurance plan:

  • Rising healthcare costs: The medical infrastructure is improving every day, and consequently, medical costs are rising as well. This means you will have to get a comprehensive health policy that provides you with a higher sum insured amount compared to a standard medical insurance policy.

In addition, the plan must have the option to include a super top-up or a top-up plan which will provide you with the additional benefit when the sum insured amount of your policy has exhausted.

  • Higher sum-insured: Top-up plans would not be necessary if there weren’t a necessity for a higher sum insured amount. However, the top-up health policy can help you improve the coverage you may get through your employer’s policy at a lower premium.
  • Tax savings: Like the other medical insurance plans, a top-up health insurance plan comes with tax benefits.
  • Beneficial during rainy days: The top-up in your health policy will help you get the coverage you need during medical emergencies if the medical bills go above your sum insured amount. This way, your financial stability will be protected, and you can get the proper medical treatment.


Top-up health insurance covers help you get the coverage you need when the existing health insurance plan’s coverage has been exhausted. They are optimal options to ensure you do not rely on your savings if your financial requirement exceeds your sum insured limit. Along with this, purchasing the top-up health cover comes at affordable prices. This way, you can get high amounts of coverage at an affordable price.

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