The camming websites are the next big online business. Beautiful and erotic women grace the sites. Who provides the audience with satisfactory pleasures and funs a great way to release stress.  There is various best webcam girl website where one can subscribe and select their favorite cam girl.  Some of the websites support the use of interactive toys making the show fun and profitable.

The interactive toys help in higher engagement in the camming show. The toys are designed to sync with the show in different aspects. The tech industry provides interactive toys which help in site tipping mechanism. This allows the webcam girls to host “tips to vibrate” shows.  The models need to sync the vibrator to the camming site and then configure the site settings.  Some brands allow and work with different networks to sync the tools.

Best interactive sex toy Brands


Lovense is among the leading manufactures of interactive sex toys.  The company has two popular toys.  The Lush and Hush tools are designed and work well for camming.  Different sites commonly use Lovense; it’s easy to sync using the site’s application.  First, you must connect the toy to the app and then to the camming site.  Now configure the tip feature, and it’s good to work.


The KIIROO interactive toys are also best for the camming sites. Different sites use them as they have nice toys such as Esca.  This the best and famous for the interactive Tip to vibe camming shows.  The toys connect to camming sites using KIIROO mobile app. The sites have a QR code scanner to the app to sync the toy to the site.


The “We-Vibe” is among the world’s biggest interactive sex toy manufacturers. The company produces the best vibrators, which are easily synced to different camming sites.  The syncing process helps cam girls to host interactive tip-to vibe camming shows. This helps generate high revenue for the sites. It’s a popular show which many viewers love.


The ShockSpot toy is also a quality interactive toy that is mostly used by the Chaturbate site. The sex toy is easily controlled using tips on the webcam show. One can use a remote to best results.

How the Tip to vibrate interactive sex toys shows work.

A webcam model needs to sync the vibrator of a sex toy to the camming site. The toy companies have mobile apps. Note the sync instructions vary based on the companies.  There are some networks which only work with certain toys.

The model also needs to configure the tip settings: tip tiers, intensity, and length. These also vary from site to site through some settings are configured at the site itself.  At the same time, other settings are configured by the manufacturer through a mobile app.

After the connection to the camming site, the vibrator can work with the tips on the site.  The audience or customer has to tip to order to keep on watching. The more and bigger the Tip, the intense and more extended the vibes.  This being a great way to make more money for the camming sites.