When it comes to calisthenics, you don’t have to run every time to the gym to perform the exercises. You can easily perform them in your home with a few cost-effective equipment.

A door pull-up bar is one such piece of equipment that can help you perform different types of calisthenics exercises properly. However, picking the best doorway pullup bar is crucial to avoid any injuries, perform the exercises with the correct form, and prevent any major damage to the door.

In this comprehensive guide, we will offer different types of doorway pull-up bars and some tips to perform the exercises safely. However, before diving into the details, let us first understand the basic usage of the equipment.

What Are Doorway Pull-Up Bars?

A door pull-up bar is a piece of resistance equipment that allows you to suspend your body by grabbing it with your hands and keeping your arms straight. The bar itself is attached to the door so that you can safely perform the exercises and distribute your weight evenly. It is one of the best equipment to perform calisthenics exercises and comes with a budget-friendly price tag. There are several design variations of the door pull-up bars. Generally, there will be a bar that will be attached to the frame of the door on either side.

They are primarily used to perform the pulling up exercises but they can be easily repurposed for multiple variations like leg raises, L sit-ups, etc.

Calisthenics Worldwide offers a massive knowledge base where you can learn the correct techniques to perform all the exercises on a pull-up bar.

Are Door Pull up Bars Safe? How to be safe on one

Types Of Doorway Pull-Up Bars

Bidirectional Pole

It is one of the most common types of door pull-up bars. The bar is installed inside the frame.  The internal spring exerts pressure and traps the bar inside the frame. However, this type is the weakest of all the doorway pull-up bars as it is highly susceptible to sudden slips.

Frame Mounted Bar

The second type of doorway pull-up bar is a frame mounted bar. As the name suggests, the bar is installed outside the frame. You can either hook it on the outer frame or squeeze its arms around the frame so that the bar is suspended in the air.

The system is stable and safe. However, it is a bulky system, and can be challenging to install it properly on your door frame. Nevertheless, it is a safer and budget-friendly option for adults having a heavier body weight.

Bolt-In Pull-Up Bars

These bars are the most stable ones to perform the calisthenics exercises. You have to use a power drill to install the bar in your door frame by drilling holes. It can easily bear heavy weight and offer higher stability while performing several exercises.

However, it can damage your door and surroundings. So, make sure you call a professional to install it if you don’t know how to use a power drill to avoid any unfortunate injuries.

Tips To Make Pull-Up Bars Even More Safe

Check The Bar’s Weight-Bearing Capacity

It is essential to check the weight-bearing capacity of the bar before purchasing it. The capacity should be higher than your weight.

Use A Mat Beneath Your Bar

It is better to have a cushion beneath you while performing the exercises on the pull-up bar. In case you fall or the bar fails to bear your weight you can avoid major injuries with proper cushioning.

Install The Bar At The Correct Height

Never try to install the bar too high from the ground. It should be installed at a height where you are some inches above the ground when you suspend your body through your full extension of the arms on the bar. A high installation height of the bar can result in major injuries in case you or the bar falls.

Pick A Sturdy Door

Always install your bar on the door frame that is solid enough to handle the wear and tear of the installation process. Avoid installing them on glass doors as they are weaker than the solid wood and concrete ones.

Final Verdict

Here is everything on the doorway pull-up bars. You can go through the types to pick the suitable options and follow the tips to perform the exercises safely. Make sure that you perform controlled reps on the bar without any sudden jerks.