Gapped or spaced-out teeth negatively impact the beauty of your smile, and, as a result, your self-confidence. But nowadays, cosmetic dentistry has many methods to remove these gaps and restore your beautiful smile. You can visit a cosmetic dentist to know which way works best for your teeth condition. Today cosmetic dentistry includes a wide range of treatments to improve your smile performed by a cosmetic dentist.

Why Do The Teeth Get Spaced-Out?

Before choosing the best way to close the gap between the teeth, you must first know why these gaps are created. Although spaced out teeth are usually common and harmless, it can sometimes cause pain or discomfort. There are many reasons why teeth are spaced, some of which are preventable, but others are hereditary.

Here Are Some Of These Factors:

_Tooth loss

_Having smaller teeth than usual

_Mismatch of jaw bone size and teeth

_The size of the lips

_Difficulty swallowing food

_Gum disease

Using Home Remedies To Solve The Problem

Although you can find many home treatments to remove the gaps between your teeth, it is a process that requires great care, and the person should have a lot of information about the structure of the mouth. You may make many mistakes when applying any home remedies and increase the risk of gum disease.

 Arranging The Teeth Without Orthodontics

 Usually, when people want to remove the gap between their teeth, expensive orthodontic methods are the first which come to their mind. But fortunately, there is a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that efficiently solves the problem. These new solutions work much better than the metal brackets of orthodontics. Here are some alternatives:

– Dental Bonding Method

 When chewing causes gaps between your teeth, dental bonding is the best treatment. In this procedure, the dentist places a unique material, with the same color as your natural teeth, on the damaged tooth. This is the fastest way to close the gap between the teeth. It also does not cost much, and is safe.

For sure, as you finish the treatment process, you must carefully follow your dentist’s recommendations to keep your dental bonding healthy for years.


 -Dental Retainer

 The dental retainer is the easiest and most cost-effective way to fill the gap between the teeth. The dentist can make special holders for your teeth that you can remove whenever you need to.

Unfortunately, dental retainers take a longer time to close the gap between the teeth than other methods. Besides, it would help if you used these retainers for a while after the treatment to ensure your teeth do not return to their original posture.

– Dental Veneer

 If you want your teeth to look white and shiny when you laugh, dental veneer is the best option. In this procedure, the dentist shaves and straightens the damaged tooth. Then he puts ceramic materials on it. This coating is called veneer. Veneers have a very natural appearance and last up to 15 years.

Although veneer seems more expensive than bonding and retainers, it is economical due to its long life.