The population on Earth is going to collapse. Elon Musk has been quite vocal about this. Earth will have a fewer working population in few years, and we also need to populate Mars. That’s according to Musk. Well, not sure about Mars. It’s somewhere we, down to earth people, cannot imagine. And the thing that could concern us is ageing. Ageing itself is not a grave issue. It’s the problems that come with it, like deteriorating vision.

Have You Started Squinting To Check Your Bills?

The first sign of ageing is wrinkles around your eyes. Or, for most people, it’s greying of hair. Another fact which is a stark reminder is when you start squinting to read smaller fonts. If you find yourself squinting your eyes to check bills or read emails on your phone, you should go for an eye test. Your vision is deteriorating. You will be needing reading glasses to read clearly.

With age, you have hyperopia or presbyopia.

Your Eyes are Itchy and Dry

You get dry eyes when the tear glands do not produce tears. This happens because of focussing on digital screens, dry weather and even hormonal changes. Menopause and other hormonal change can dry your eyes more.

You can use eye drops regularly to lubricate your eyes if you have this problem. Or you can limit your screen time if you are spending too much time on it. You can also wear proper glasses that can prevent your eyes to become dry in dry weather. Always wear your sunglasses when you are going for a walk or biking on the mountainside.

Your Eyes Are Too Sensitive And Teary.

Your eyes become sensitive as you age. When you have dry eyes, your eyes become itchy. And this can lead to excessive tearing. If you have this problem, using an eye drop solution can help. You should, however, consult with your eye doctor.

Glaucoma After 40

If you have a family history of glaucoma, you should go for a glaucoma test just as you hit 40. Early treatment for glaucoma can help with your vision to a great extent. Glaucoma is incurable. But with treatment, the degree of vision distortion can be limited. You will not go completely blind with treatment. You can go for a free eye test with NHS if you have an increased chance of getting glaucoma.

Do not get disheartened. Glaucoma can alter your life. But it’s up to you how much you will let this disease take hold of your life. Bono, the singer from U2, also have glaucoma. He wears eccentric eyewear and goes on with his philanthropic activities. Your life does not stop. You too can do your favourite activities.

And There’s Diabetes Too.

When you were young, you would just eat anything and not worry about your health. You know you are healthy, and your healthy metabolism will handle everything. But when you have grey hair, you have to worry about your sugar level, cholesterol level or some other medical jargon.

Even if you do not want to worry about these things, you will be bogged down by your spouse or your children.

Having a high sugar level can sound alarms for your vision too. Diabetic retinopathy can block blood vessels feeding the retina. You may experience blurry vision, an increased amount of eye floaters and other vision issues. It can also lead to blindness.

If you have diabetes, make sure to go for a comprehensive eye test regularly. You can go for pupil dilation to check the condition of your eyes.

Don’t Feel Blue…

By the time you hit 40, you are browsing glasses online. By the time you cross 60, your visits to doctors increase. Don’t let this discourage you. Go for stylish glasses. Maybe choose something like leopard print prescription glasses. They might feel eccentric, but so it is. Have fun with the new outlook.

Ageing may sound like the end of everything. But it’s not true. It’s beginning for you to live for yourself. You don’t have to worry about your child’s education or what future they have. You can go hiking, backpacking trip, make new friends or have fun learning about new gadgets with your grandchildren.