There are some CBD companies in NYC  that do extremely well, and there is a reason for their success. What many people don’t know is how hard it is to actually manufacture and distribute CBD in New York. With so many laws, regulations, and stipulations in place the hemp industry in New York constantly needs to be fluid enough to sway with the ever-changing structure. When you see a beautifully flourishing CBD company in New York, most likely, you will never hear of the struggles that they have had to endure to get where they are.

Hemp In The Usa

Over the years the hemp industry has continued to struggle amidst the idea that hemp is bad or dangerous. At one point, the laws were so strict against the growing of hemp that it was a crime to farm it. In 2014 a bill was passed known as the Farm Bill. This bill decriminalized hemp farming and allowed farmers to grow industrialized hemp within certain regulations regarding the presence of THC in the plants. As you can imagine, a lot of thought and planning had to be done in order to ensure that these guidelines were met.


THC and CBD are the two main active ingredients in the hemp plant. Delta-9 THC is the cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects in its users. CBD, although it communicates with the endocannabinoid system in the body, does not cause any psychoactive effects. Scientists to this day do not fully understand THC or CBD so the FDA does not want to approve either one of them. However, they have agreed to allow the production and use of hemp products under close supervision and strict guidelines. In New  York, CBD products can not be infused with food or drink. Also, hemp can not contain any more than 0.03% THC content within the hemp plant.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The 2014 Farm Bill allowed for the delta-9 THC levels specifically to be up to 0.03% present within the hemp plant. Now the 2018 Farm Bill is expecting the total THC content to be less than 0.03%. The problem with this is that there is a non-psychoactive version of THC known as THC-A that is part of the whole. This THC is present in the green hemp plant before decarboxylation takes place. In order for THC and CBD to become activated in the hemp plant, they must first be heated and converted from THC-A and CBD-A to THC and CBD. What this means is that the FDA will now expect that the total amount of THC that can be legally present in industrial hemp plants can’t exceed 0.03%. Including THC-A. Because of this, every hemp farmer that this law will affect will be jumping through hoops in hopes of meeting the new regulations. Some hemp companies may have to shut down because of the new regulations.


The Future Of CBD

There are a lot of CBD enthusiasts that stand by the CBD industry. In the coming years, the hemp industry alone is predicted to bring in upwards of 20 billion dollars of revenue. The potential for profit is extremely high. Since different states have different laws regarding hemp the ones that are most lenient are the ones that will reap the most money. Although New  York has a lot of regulations to adhere to, High Falls Hemp NY produces some of the highest grade hemp plants in the world. Time will tell how the lawmakers and the farmers will come to an understanding and get the most out of this high-profit market.