Like any other function in the human body, male fertility is also having a completely biological process. The male reproductive cells and the system supporting them can be negatively or positively impacted due to certain factors. People who prevent negative constituents can maintain a strong fertility cycle. Similarly, individuals who are unaware of factors that can impact fertility procedures fail to maintain a strong health level in this case.

More importantly, every man needs to know about factors that increase the risks of infertility.

Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Obesity/Increase in Weight

According to various medical research, people who are overweight can face high infertility risks. Obese individuals have certain negative hormones generated in the body. These negatively impact the semen/sperm generation rate. In some cases, when the severity level is low, there may be premature ejaculation. This means the fertility rate can lower down. In worse cases, there is very little to no sperm generation which eventually leads to infertility.

For instance, a lot of obese people have diabetes. Insulin and other medical constituents consumed by such people can harm fertility progress.

  • Substance Abuse

It is a commonly known fact that substance abuse/drug abuse simply harms the human body and never produces anything positive. These days, youngsters are hooked on crystal meth, ice, weed, alcohol, and other very harmful forms of drugs. Each of them has its impacts as well. People who consume alcohol regularly end up liver failures and drug addicts have different forms of cancer. Cocaine addicts develop blood diseases like hepatitis and HIV. However, all these drug forms have one thing in common. They negatively affect the fertility rate.

Medical experts have revealed the fact that drugs reduce testosterone These hormones are responsible for male reproductivity. People involved in substance abuse usually have testosterone levels that are way below the minimum. As a result, over time, they lose fertility completely.

  • Exposure to Radiations

If you have a look at appliances generating radiations, there is a notice that a minimum distance should be maintained from them. The most common reason is that they cause cancer. After entering the human body, they impact the bloodstream and generate cancerous constituents.  However, a lot of people do not know that they impact the fertility rate as well.

Radiations harm sperm production ability. People who work in chemical factors are usually exposed to these negative rays regularly. Various surveys have shown that these people lose partial or all their ability to reproduce. The chances can be minimized if the necessary protective measures are taken. Therefore, responsible employers make sure that their employees have the required protection at all times.

  • History / Genetics

A lot of things are found in genetics. These biological factors are passed on from one generation to the other. For instance, hair fall or thinning of hair is one of them. If a person does not have thick hair and his father also faced the same problem,  his son may not have thick hair as well. The same is the case with fertility.

In some cases, infertility is a genetic issue and passed from one generation to the other. For instance, if one man does not have children and his brother has one late child, that child may not be able to reproduce as well. There are chances that if treated, the fertility rate can be improved. However, the possibilities are not that high.

  • People Suffering from Depression

It is a fact that fertility has a direct relation to mental health. People who have chronic depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders are unable to produce a good sperm rate. The reason being that the sperm rate depends on mental stability. If he is regularly worried, the mind does not reach a calm state. As a result, the sperm rate faces a decline, and reproduction level drops.

  • A lot of medicines prescribed for mental diseases also impact the fertility rate. If you glance at the precautions or side effects, this point would be mentioned. Therefore, even if you are facing mental health issues, make sure that you don’t consume medicines without consulting a psychiatrist/psychologist.

Rehabs Are Mandatory to Deal with Substance Abuse

If you study the lifestyle that addicts have, the environment they have plays a major role. The company they keep is also very critical. People involved in substance abuse are unlikely to sit with ambitious goal-oriented people. Therefore, the atmosphere is the ley in this case.

  • Substance abuse cannot be combated until there is proper supervision, medical treatment, and change of environment. Only by getting admitted to rehab, these goals can be achieved. Cocaine abuse and rehab options are very much real. Rehabs have proper medical experts who monitor the day-to-day behaviour of addicts.
  • A proper diet and medicine plan is prescribed so that the damage can be repaired. More importantly, there is a change of environment and individuals are encouraged to survive without drugs. However, a lot depends on the willpower and urge to get out of the problematic state.
  • Rehabs have a quality impact on the routine of an addict. He starts to measure the worth of life and thinks about positive factors. However, the actual challenge begins when he must leave the rehab, return to the same environment and be with the same people. This is when changing the company of people makes a serious difference.

Lastly, any form of substance abuse is harmful and all it gives is a virtual mind freeze. Value life and visit a rehab if you are stuck with this problem. Life is precious and lived once. Value it and don’t waste it.