Sinus cavities are hollow spaces that are empty inside and filled are with air. The primary function of the sinus cavity situated in the skull and around the facial bones is to produce mucus that purifies and humidifies the air we breathe. Mucus produced by the sinus cavities moisturises the nose and protect the nose against pollutant and infection. Usually, the sinus is are empty and are only filled with air. However, if they become filled with fluid, it can lead to bacteria and pollutants’ growth, causing severe infection if left untreated. This blog will know why one should not ignore sinus pain and relevant symptoms.

Sinus infection, called sinusitis in medical terms, is an infectious condition in which nasal cavities become inflamed and swollen and painful due to infection caused by viral, bacterial agents or any allergic reaction. Viral sinus infections typically go away on their own as antibiotics don’t work on viral infections. In case of sinus infection caused by bacteria, antibiotics are needed. Sinus infection can occur due to allergic reactions, for which doctors recommend treatment for the control of allergy. Experts believe that sinus infections should be treated and managed well in time because once it becomes chronic it don’t simply stay as infection but comes with many other complications.

Untreated Sinus Infections Can Affect Your Daily Life:

When sinus cavities become filled with fluid, it puts horrid pressure on the face and surrounding structures, making the face standard to touch and extremely painful. Constant feeling of congested face and pain makes the patient uncomfortable and problematic to get good sleep at night, making the body restless and fatigued, eventually affecting daily life activities.

Sinus Headache Don’t Let You Focus Well:

Due to obstruction of nasal pathways, mucus build-up inside sinus cavities puts constant pressure on the facial structure, causing severe and agonising headaches. The headache caused by a sinus infection is known as a sinus headache, and it does not simply present as pain at the front of the head, but it also affects your quality of work. Due to persistent pain and feeling of pressure, you feel pain, but you are also distracted all the time, due to which you cannot work well with focus and concentration.

Can Lead To Depression And Anxiety:

Different studies and research have shown that people who suffer sinus infection and inflammation are at greater risk of developing depression and anxiety. Not only does sinus infection produce bothering symptoms like running nose, eyes, painful headache and stuffy face, but it also reduces overall well being and productivity. This ultimately led to frustration and mood swings because the patient sees no end to agonizing symptoms; due to prolonged symptoms and no benefit from the ongoing treatment, patients with sinus infection experience low physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being.

Moreover, if no attention is given to symptoms on time, the infection can spread to the sinus near the brain, leading to severe complications ENT Doctor London offers a wide range of effective treatment protocols and guidelines to help chronic sinus infection sufferers. Contact now at ENT Clinic London for more details.