Argentina is one of the biggest and most expensive countries in South America. The many years of economic depression and mismanagement have led to serious inflation and a hike in the prices of almost everything.

Those that visited the country before and recently returned have said everything used to be very affordable, but things are much more expensive than before. And the cost of housing has not been spared, with houses in Argentina being more expensive than they have ever been. These are some of the most expensive areas in Argentina that you can buy property.

Rosario, Santa Fe

Santa Fe is known as an agricultural province located in the Northeast of Argentina. On the western shores of the Parana River lies Rosario, which is one of the most populated cities in the country, and one of the most expensive to live in. The city has some breathtaking architecture, and it is home to some of the most famous Argentine football stars. Rosario is rich in culture, with several museums and theatres showcasing its beauty.

Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca is very popularly known as a naval port city of Argentina and also as the outpost town for the Pampas. The city is relatively tranquil while also displaying a strong colonial atmosphere and a great sense of community. There are plenty of activities that take place in this city, and the nightlife is quite enthralling. It is a little town, but all the same, very enjoyable and a nice pit stop for sailors or travelers from Buenos Aires or Patagonia.


If you think about Mendoza, the first thing that should come to your mind is wine. That is because Mendoza is the largest wine production area in the entire region of Latin America. The city is also quite close to the Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Americas, and it gives it that added breathtaking appeal. Agriculture is also a large part of Mendoza, and it accounts for a significant part of the city’s foreign exchange earnings. It is a great place for tourists, which is shown by the large number of tourists that visit every year to enjoy things like; the Las Leñas ski center, the parks of Atuel Canyon, Puente del Inca, and many more sights and attractions.

Buenos Aires

This would not be a proper list of expensive Argentine cities if we did not mention the most expensive of them all, the capital of Buenos Aires. Situated along the shores of the Rio de la Plato, the city is stunning and very energetic. Its sheer beauty is why some even refer to it as “the Paris of South America”. Lovely culture, food, and activities are aplenty in this city, and as a tourist or resident, you will always have a fun activity to enjoy.

San Miguel De Tucuman

A great hub of commerce and a well-known spot for tourists, San Miguel de Tucuman is a bustling town with a large and vibrant population. The city has grown, and more than ever looks like a great city of amazing quality and beautiful architecture. The city has several attractions you can visit like: the Casa de la Independencia, the cathedral, and many others.