Although this main story happened in New Jersey, there are sex offender registries everywhere that can give you the information that you need in order to help prevent sex crimes against children and other vulnerable people. The sex offender registry NY is a good example of how powerful just knowing who your neighbors are can be.

Criminals come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and personalities. They can be anywhere, unsuspecting to those in their lives. People don’t usually think about that, but this disturbing idea came to light when 40 men were arrested in New Jersey for the possession and distribution of child pornography.

They all came from different places, different upbringings, different jobs, etc. They ranged in age from 20 to 72. They included accountants, factory workers, computer professionals, food-service employees, and some even WORKED WITH CHILDREN. Many were holding thousands of files of content, with one man holding over 76,000 files, including a large number of video content. There were even some that were in the market of distributing them to the masses.

Luckily, they were all caught in their disgusting act. The police say that it is widely accepted that viewers and users of child porn go on to commit sexual assault sometime in their lives. Thankfully these men have been brought to justice, which will potentially prevent abuse of future victims.

Even though these men were all caught before they could physically abuse or harm somebody, it is chilling to know that a lot of these men often were surrounded by children in their place of work. The parents obviously were clueless as to what these men did in their free time.

The public should take this story as an opportunity to evaluate their lives and who they and their children come into contact with. Anyone can be a criminal, and it is important to know that your life is safe from any harm that would come from the likes of these men.

Megan’s Law

The horrible tragedy of the young, innocent Megan Kanka birthed the monumental law that forces convicted sex offenders to be publicly listed as sex offenders in the database. What this means is that it is within the rights of every American citizen to do a sex offender search in the area that they live in or their kids live in so that they can clearly see if there are any convicted sexual predators that live in the area.

Most of the time, a convicted sex offender will merely live out the rest of their miserable life and not bother anybody anymore, but a significant percentage of offenders re-offend and hurt somebody else.

Child sex crimes are something that can be avoided if everybody works together to stop them from happening. Regular scans of the neighborhood for out-of-the-ordinary people, inappropriate behavior from adults, and other obvious signs can be a huge help.

Regular Sex Offender Searches

Whether or not any of the people that had child porn in the story had a sexual criminal background is not clear. The odds are that at least a few of them did. In any event, they will all now have a sexual conviction that will never go away for as long as they live. What that means is that if any of them move into a neighborhood that you conduct a sex offender search in, you will see them. You might not realize it is them, but you will know that they are there and that if you see that they have a conviction for having child pornography, there is a good chance they will be looking for more. Keep an eye on them and keep your kids away from them. Do regular sex offender searches in your area so that you know where the potentially dangerous people are and can avoid them.

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