Having healthy teeth and a dazzling smile is one of the most impressive features that everyone wishes for. It is not a dream indeed. Caring about oral hygiene leads to having pearly white teeth. In contrast, not paying attention to oral health equals minor to severe dental issues and even worse dental problems such as losing their teeth. As a result, it is expected that those with poor oral hygiene hide their smile in public. Of course, it should be noted that fortunately these days the number of people who pay attention to their teeth is getting more and more. A New Westminster emergency dentist claims that 45 % of adults are in excellent oral health, and 29% maintain their oral health in good condition. let’s take a look at some helpful tips about having good oral health.


First of all, remember that having healthy white teeth is not a one-day process and needs lifetime care. Being aware of taking the right steps in this path is of the essence.

The first tip you may have heard about a lot before is brushing your teeth regularly. It should be at least twice a day, or ideally after each meal. But, it is so important to know about the right way of brushing. Although the public perception may be that brushing too much or too hard is a good way, it is not correct. In other words, regularly does not mean aggressively. If you brush too hard, you will probably face dental issues such as gum bleeding or damaged gums after a while.

And then, you will have to refer to an emergency dental clinic for emergency dental treatments.

If you are not confused about the proper way of brushing and flossing, make an appointment with your emergency dental hygienist or dentist to tell you what to do. It is usually suggested to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Another important tip that is stated repeatedly by professional dental specialists is that you should change your toothbrush at least every three months.

Fluoride is another essential element to have healthy teeth, so considering rinsing your mouth with fluoride mouthwashes every day. According to the statistics provided by experienced dentists, fluoride is not a complementary factor for your oral health. It is necessary since brushing and flossing is not an effective way to prevent dental cavities, but fluoride is. As a substitute, saltwater can be a good option too.

Avoid smoking to have a good mouth appearance and not facing yellow teeth.

Eliminate sugary foods as much as you can. Sugar can help bacteria grow in your mouth and then progress to your tooth enamel and dentin. Finally, you will face severe dental problems such as tooth loss due to consuming sugary foods.

Consider eating healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthier food you eat, more beautiful teeth, and smile you observe.


And Finally,

Having a regular appointment with your emergency dental specialist can be essential for having good oral care. Visit your emergency dentist at least every six months to avoid the severe dental issue. You should always have an emergency dentist’s phone number in your contact list.