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8 Ways to Stay Active This Fall

As we progress deeper into the months of fall, our schedules will be changing to accommodate cooler temperatures and busier holiday schedules. While it’s easy to curl up on the couch with a movie, TV show or book, when you have free time there are some ways you can stay active this fall as well.

Generally, according to Gallup, Americans’ activity levels decline sharply heading into winter. However, you can consider fall the perfect time to get active before hunkering down for winter. Whatever your fitness level, there are plenty of ways to motivate yourself during this season. If you’re struggling, we have that covered as well. We’ll touch on various things like natural supplements such as CBD tinctures to help you out.

Here are eight great ideas for staying active this fall without overdoing it:

#1: Participate in a Fall Color Tour

If you live in an area where the foliage changes color each year, consider checking out Google Maps and searching for “Fall Foliage Tours.” You can visit some of the most beautiful places on your own (saving money and avoiding crowds) and spend as much time as you like taking in the sights as well as snapping some great photos. Then, turn it into an all-day event and double your steps for the day. Just bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and dress appropriately.

#2: Go Hiking

If you’re more of a nature lover, there’s no reason why you can’t go on a nice hike during fall. The weather is cooler, and fewer people are crowding trails around popular areas, especially once the leaves have fallen. You might even find different wildlife moving to new places during this time.

You can also hit the trail with your dog because dogs need exercise too. So, don’t forget to bring Fido with you when you go out for a jog or walk this fall! Just bringing him along will motivate YOU to get out the door. He’ll be happy to run by your side, and you will feel like a better human for taking him out.

#3: Go Rollerblading

If you’re looking for a fun way to get outside and exercise during the fall, consider rollerblading. It’s an easy sport to pick up, plus it helps keep your heart healthy. There are also plenty of parks all over that allow people to rollerblade, so this is a great option when you need something free and close by. Plus, it’s something you can do until the snow arrives if you’re in an area that gets any. Of course, at that point, it’s time to switch to ice skating anyway!

#4: Sign Up for a 5K

If you’re ready to take your fitness level up a notch, then what better way than to sign up for a 5K? Many running clubs host them during the fall, and it’s an excellent way to challenge yourself. Even if you have to push to make it through, crossing off something like this from your bucket list will be great motivation. Plus, training for it will keep you active leading up to the event.
#5: Go Back to the Gym

Maybe you haven’t been going as regularly as you’d like, or perhaps you’ve been neglecting certain areas because summertime activities didn’t require too much upper body strength. Now that fall is here, it could be time to step back into the gym! It’ll feel great to work on your health. Take advantage of the pre-New Year lull and extra space in the gym as you refocus your efforts on the weights and strength training equipment to tone up a particular area.

#6: Take Up an Indoor Sport

Have you ever tried playing pool? Or maybe bowling? These activities are quite popular during the fall since it’s not too hot or cold outside. You might even enjoy learning how to play either one for the first time! And, hey, if there aren’t any places in your area where either of these is offered, there might be some other indoor sports that interest you, such as ping pong. While they’re not the most physically intense, they get you out of the house and on your feet. Sometimes this is enough!

#7: Head to the Arcade

We know this one might be a little too nostalgic for some of you, but sometimes it’s just fun to take on friends and family members in games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Skeeball. Plus, arcades nowadays have all kinds of amazing prizes that are worth winning.

Not only will you burn time (and calories) while having fun with the people you care about most, but there’s also an added bonus of being able to be social and boost your mental and emotional health while you’re at it. If you’re looking to really kick it up a notch, find one of the dance challenges and go wild. You might discover a hidden talent!

#8: Go Camping

If you’ve never gone camping before, now is the perfect chance to give it a try. If it’s something you’ve tried, now’s a great time to try it again. Camping is great because you can make it as physically active as you want. Relax in the morning with a nice cup of hot coffee as you welcome the day ahead. Then head out for a long walk around the lake or even a cool autumn swim if you’re brave enough! Unwind at night by relaxing around a fire with good company.

No Excuses!

The days are shorter, which means you may feel there’s less time for activities after work or school. There’s also a nip in the air that makes it easier to remember why you want to stay indoors rather than head outside. You may also be feeling some aches and pains in the cooler weather that leave you alone during the summer months.

All you need to do is approach the situation with a positive mindset. Take advantage of the time you have. Stay hydrated, bring plenty of warm drinks along when you can, and use CBD products like topical creams and gummies along the way to ease joint pain and any lingering anxiety.

Just get out there and enjoy yourself!


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